How to Cook Fresh Pasta

Cooking fresh artisan pasta is a little different than making boxed dry pasta.  Most notably, fresh pasta cooks faster.  Remember:

1)  Always salt the water you boil the pasta in.  There's no set amount, but the water should taste salty - like seawater.

2) Cook thin fresh pasta (like spaghetti and tagliatelle) for 2-3 minutes and thicker fresh pasta (like casarecce and maccheroni rigati) for 3-4 minutes.  Of course, you can always cook it for more or less - depending on your preference.

To best prepare your pasta dinner at home, Bayview Kitchen and Catering recommends the following:
  • Preheat the sauce in a wide saucepan over medium-low heat to 165 degrees.
  • Drain the pasta well after cooking.
  • Add the cooked pasta to the warm sauce and gently stir to mix.  Cook for 1 minute or until the pasta is well coated and looks delicious!  


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